Integrated Catastrophe Modeling System API

EQECAT's Integrated Catastrophe Modeling System (ICMS) is an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows clients to seamlessly integrate catastrophe modeling into their underwriting workflows.

Integrating Catastrophe Modeling into Underwriting Workflows

EQECAT's Integrated Catastrophe Modeling System uses XML to allow clients to further integrate catastrophe modeling software into underwriting workflows and aggregate risk management, while integrating the automation of catastrophe modeling into their existing underwriting workstation. ICMS also:

  • Allows clients to create a custom user interface.

  • Works easily with VBA in an Excel spreadsheet.

Benefits of Automating and Integrating Catastrophe Modeling Into Underwriting:

  • Meets regulatory requirements — Solvency II

  • Improves efficiency in underwriting catastrophe risks — saving time and money

    • Perform repetitive tasks easily

    • Minimize redundant data entry

    • Minimize human input errors

  • Provides consistency of analysis options

  • Minimizes training on model operation

  • Maximizes your analysts' time interpreting results — not the steps leading to results

  • Increased visibility to catastrophe modelling — enterprise-wide

Automated Workflow Functions

There are numerous ways to automate catastrophe modeling workflow functions. Examples of automated workflow functions include:

  • ExposureSetRequest for importing data

  • TreatySetRequest for treaty conditions

  • AnalysisRequest for submitting analysis

  • AnalysisResultsRequest for extracting results

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