Catastrophe Modeling Software

EQECAT provides catastrophe modeling software to insurance, reinsurance, reinsurance broker, and financial institutions worldwide to assist in quantifying risk due to catastrophic events from natural hazards such as earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, windstorms in Europe, floods, tornado / hail storms, and brushfires.

Catastrophe modeling software products by EQECAT include:

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RQE (Risk Quantification & Engineering)

EQECAT announced the release of RQE version 14 on August 12, 2013.

Learn how the RQE catastrophe risk modeling software platform enables clients to quantify and manage potential financial impact of natural hazards.

RQE Results Viewer

Results Viewer for RQE

Insurance and reinsurance professionals can access catastrophe risk model results in the RQE user interface at a fraction of the cost of a full software license with Results Viewer for RQE.

Integrated Catastrophe Modeling System API

Integrated Catastrophe Modeling System (ICMS)

EQECAT's Integrated Catastrophe Modeling System (ICMS) is an enterprise application that allows clients to seamlessly integrate catastrophe modeling into their underwriting workflows.

EQECAT is a market leader in providing the latest, easy-to-use software platforms for insurance, reinsurance and reinsurance brokers. Request information about catastrophe risk modeling software.

Change Management Process

Change Management Process

EQECAT's change management process enables clients to prepare their operations and workflow for upcoming software and catastrophe model releases. The collaborative process applies to all industries - reinsurance, insurance, broker, and capital markets.

Learn about the 3 phases of change management - Preparing, Managing, Reinforcing.

>> Learn more about RQE software.



Catastrophe Modeling Software Info

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