Catastrophe Resources

The following catastrophe resources and information provide recommended references for tracking, latest developments, and information about natural catastrophes. Find resources about earthquakes, storm tracking, reinsurance industry blogs, and more.

Hurricanes & Typhoons


  • Japan Earthquake Tsunami - Included are expert insights from EQECAT, including CatWatch Catastrophe Reports, a post event report, online briefing, and news items and resources related to the M9 Tohoku Offshore Earthquake and tsunami.

  • Global Earthquake Clustering - Apparent global clustering of damaging earthquakes is raising concerns that our planet might experience even more catastrophic tremblors in the near future. EQECAT experts have been studying these events and have published their insights and perspectives.

  • Home Insurance and Earthquake Safety Resource - Homeowners can find information on earthquake insurance in this article published by The Simple Dollar.

Catastrophe Reports

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Global Warming