Impacts from the March 11, 2011 M8.9 Miyagi, Japan Earthquake

Download EQECAT's Preliminary Discussion on Impacts from the March 11, 2011 M8.9 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (PDF 681 KB). The post-event report is EQECAT's preliminary recap of the Japan disaster and its impact addresses the earthquake, ground motions, tsunami, nuclear power, fires, ground shaking damage, modeling of the earthquake, and economic loss estimates.


A massive, magnitude 8.9 earthquake struck the Japan Trench megathrust fault off the eastern coast of Honshu on Friday, March 11, 2011. Over 12 million people (10% of the total population of Japan) were significantly affected by this event.

Ground Motions

This earthquake affected a broad swath of Japan. The USGS has produced a peak ground acceleration ground motion map displaying their modeled estimate of the distribution of ground motions, as shown in the PDF version of the report.

The catastrophe report is a printable summary of the Japan earthquake / tsunami CatWatch report of March 12, 2011.

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