EQECAT executives, scientists, and other staff regularly speak to re/insurers, scientists, researchers, and financial services professionals at industry conferences worldwide. Find selected presentations below.

Earthquake Presentations

Slide presentations from the Spring Italian Earthquakes of 2012 webinar co-hosted by EQECAT and ABS Consulting on June 26, 2012 are available for viewing and download (5.6 MB).

Download a printable version of the presentation from EQECAT's March 2011 webinar Understanding the M9 Tohoku Pacific Offshore Earthquake (PDF 3 MB).

Paul Thenhaus' presentation on The Future of Megathrust Cat Models in Latin America given at the inaugural Latin America Re/Insurance Forum held in Miami, Florida on May 9, 2012 (4 MB).

Paul Thenhaus' presentation on A Seismic Hazard Model for Risk Management in Canada given at the 33rd General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission held in Moscow, Russia in August 2012 (65 KB).

Hurricane Presentations

Justin Brolley's presentation on EQECAT's Time-Stepping United States Mainland Tropical Cyclone Wind Field Model given at the American Meteorological Society: 30th Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology (PDF 2 MB).

Modeling Methodology Presentations

Bill Keogh's presentation 3G Correlation - Catastrophe Modeling's Dirty Secret given at the 2011 RAA Cat Modeling Conference in Orlando, FL.