2012 RQE v. 13 Release Events

RQE (Risk Quantification & Engineering)

RQE™ (Risk Quantification & Engineering), EQECAT's new catastrophe modeling platform, will be released in autumn 2012. A series of regional release events were held to familiarize reinsurance, insurance and broking clients, as well as prospects with the new platform.

Attendees connected personally with EQECAT staff to learn about the new catastrophe modeling platform and some of the upcoming improvements, which include:

  • Portfolio aggregation functionality
  • Improved import workflow
  • Improved analytics
  • New financial model and reports

Attendees gained a deeper understanding of all components of the RQE catastrophe risk modeling process to support better business decisions related to risk assessment, risk pricing and portfolio management of catastrophe risk.

Global RQE Release Events

Worldwide events were held to introduce RQE catastrophe modeling software. RQE version 13 release events were held in the following locations:

Change Management Process

EQECAT's ultimate goal is acceptance and integration of the new release in client workflows. EQECAT will collaborate with clients throughout the entire change management process - prior to, during and after release - to ensure all clients' concerns and needs are met.


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