Insured Loss Database (ILD)

Insured Loss Database in SQLInsured Loss Database in SQL

EQECAT's Insured Loss Database (ILD) quantifies insured exposure by region and line of business (LOB) and is delivered in an easy-to-use Microsoft® SQL Server® format. ILDs provide a perspective of regional insured market risk, enabling detailed evaluation of the severity of potential insured risk.

Many catastrophe risk decisions made by insurance companies are based upon model results that can be significantly affected by modeling of correlation. The Insured Loss Database uses the correlation matrix implemented in the WORLDCATenterprise™ risk modeling software platform to estimate a correlation factor for each peril, region, event, and line of business.

Insured Market Catastrophe Loss Estimates

The ILD provides an easy-to-use method for producing insured market catastrophe loss estimates. Insurers and reinsurers can use this data for:

  • Market Share Analysis
    Quantify the insured market catastrophe loss potential by region and line of business (LOB).
  • Basis Risk Analysis
    Evaluate the basis risk between traded ILWs and region market loss.
  • Industry Loss Warranty (ILW) Evaluation
    ILD quickly provides EQECAT's perspective of the natural catastrophe risk component in Industry Loss Warranties (ILWs).
  • Understanding Regional Distribution of Risk
    Evaluate and compare catastrophe loss between counties, states and LOB.
  • Growth and Penetration Strategies
    Evaluate marginal loss impacts of business growth by region or LOB.

The Insured Loss Database is delivered in a SQL Server database and requires no special installation. The ILD incorporates the distinctive risk correlation methods implemented in the WORLDCATenterprise™ platform to produce consistent estimates of catastrophe (high-severity/low probability) loss events.

ILD Country/Peril Availability

The Insured Loss Database is available for the US, Japan, and Europe. This database combines EQECAT's natural catastrophe models for earthquake, hurricane, typhoon, and extra-tropical windstorm with EQECAT's insured exposure data for these regions.

County / Peril


Lines of Business

Europe Windstorm



Japan Earthquake



US Earthquake



Japan Typhoon



US Hurricane



The ILD are pre-calculated analytical results that represent the estimated 100% market insured loss by peril, by region and line of business for the five global peak peril regions - US Hurricane, US Earthquake, Europe Windstorm, Japan Earthquake, and Japan Typhoon. The database enables the development of unique and useful insured market perspectives for regions and lines of business.

Learn more about EQECAT's Insured Loss Database and how insurers and reinsurers can utilize ILD methods for producing insured market catastrophe loss estimates.



Insured Loss Database Information

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