Insured Exposure Data (IED)

Insured Exposure Data Graph - Hurrican Statistics SummaryInsured Exposure Data - Summary statistics illustrate distribution of insured values in hurricane-affected states

Insured Exposure Data (IED) represents insured values by peril and by line of business for major insurance markets worldwide. For each country, EQECAT has developed estimates of total insured values derived from representative market exposure data, census demographics, macro economic data, building square footage data, and representative policy terms and conditions.

IED Coverage

EQECAT offers insured exposure data for the following peril/regions:

IED for Insurers and Reinsurers

Insurance and reinsurance professionals can use the Insured Exposure Data to:

  • Produce market loss estimates following catastrophe events
  • Produce event loss table results
  • Use event loss table results to produce industry risk metrics
  • Compare portfolio exposures to industry exposures
  • Supplement portfolio exposures with industry exposures

Learn more about EQECAT's Insured Exposure Data that provides insurers and reinsurers with insured values by peril and line of business.

NOTE: Insured Exposure Data (IED) was formerly known as EQESTOCK.



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