Data Products for Insurers & Reinsurers

EQECAT provides data products direct to the re/insurance industry and through strategic partners, including RiskMeter Online. Insurers and reinsurers use these products for portfolio management and underwriting applications. EQECAT also collaborates with re/insurers and intermediaries to develop custom data solutions.

Insured Loss Database

Insured Loss Database Screenshot

Insured Loss Database (ILD) quantifies insured exposure by region and line of business (LOB) and is delivered in an easy-to-use Microsoft® SQL Server® format. ILDs provide a perspective of regional and insured market risk, enabling detailed evaluation of the severity of potential insured risk.

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Insured Exposure Data

Insured Exposure Data Graph - Hurricane Summary Statistics

Insured Exposure Data (IED) represents insured values by peril and by line of business for major insurance markets worldwide. For each country, EQECAT has developed estimates of total insured values derived from representative market exposure data, census demographics, macro economic data, building square footage data, and representative policy terms and conditions.

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EQECAT Analytics Available Through RiskMeter Online

Earthquake Damage Image from Risk Meter PDF

RiskMeter Online is a web-based service which provides real-time, natural hazard risk reports to underwriters and agents. Average Annual Loss (AAL) and Probable Maximum Loss (PML) are available for earthquake ground shaking and wind for single locations.

The RiskMeter Online provides over 30 real-time reports, including Distance to Coast, FEMA Flood, Rating Territories, Windpool Eligibility, EQECAT Data & Analytics, Individual AAL & PML Reports, Earthquake information and much more. Information is available through a web browser, in a batch, and as a web service. For more information or to get a FREE trial account:

Learn more about EQECAT's earthquake and wind risk metrics available through RiskMeter Online (PDF 489 KB).

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