Wind Turbine Risk Assessment

Photo of Damaged Wind Turbines, Typhoon MaemiDamaged Wind Turbines from Typhoon Maemi, Japan 2003

EQECAT works in conjunction with ABS Consulting to provide wind turbine risk assessment and energy analytics - a unique combination of high-end engineering, project certification, technical due diligence, risk assessment, insurance and risk transfer services to the wind power market.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment Worldwide

Clients receive probabilistic loss assessment for all components of wind turbines and related comprehensive risk assessment for:

  • Extreme wind
  • Storm surge and wave action
  • Earthquake risk worldwide

Outputs include:

  • Expected loss
  • Uncertainty
  • Return period loss estimates

Vulnerability Model Developed by Engineering Studies

Development of wind turbine vulnerabilities have been modeled via collaboration between EQECAT and ABS Consulting engineers using a "ground-up" engineering approach, incorporating:

  • Failure modes of turbines, blades, nacelles, tower supports and foundations
  • Manufacturing processes and control system effects
  • Historical performance incorporated into vulnerabilities
  • Extreme natural hazard performance measures

EQECAT draws upon ABS Consulting's expertise in:

  • Project Certification and Verification (CVA)
  • Turbine component certification/certificates of compliance
  • Wind resource assessment
  • Wind plant layout optimization
  • Third-party independent engineering and inspection
  • Turbine maintenance optimization
  • Equipment reliability assessment

EQECAT Engineers developed associated catastrophe modeling software as shown below from the Europe windstorm model.

Europe Windstorm Model Portfolio AnalysisEurowind Catastrophe Modeling Methodology - Portfolio Analysis

Wind Turbine Risk Assessment Applications

Wind turbine risk assessment is a key aspect of energy analytics consulting for wind farm companies, developers, investors, insurance and reinsurance clients. Primary applications include:

  • Insurance and risk transfer
  • Project finance
  • Capital markets

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Catastrophe Risk Consulting Information

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