Customized Integration Services

Customized Integration Services are Consulting Services group offerings that support the integration of the RQE® (Risk Quantification & Engineering) catastrophe modeling platform within a client's business environment. These services consider integration both upstream and downstream - from accessing and automating upstream data (exposure data and underwriting decisions) through providing analysis results and output to downstream applications such as:

  • Dynamic Financial Analysis (DFA) Tools
  • Capital Asset Pricing Models (CAPM)
  • Enterprise Risk Management Tools
  • Customized Reporting Facilities

The Value of EQECAT's Integration Services

New and existing licensees want more efficient use of their catastrophe modeling platform. Decision makers, modelers, and IT staff can benefit from improved efficiency with customized Integration Services. The Consulting Services group's in-depth knowledge of catastrophe modeling and data products enables clients to realize the speed of accessing and integrating EQECAT's modeled view of risk.

Available integration services include:

Automation Assistance

The Consulting Services group can assist clients to seamlessly integrate EQECAT's catastrophe modeling platform into their upstream and downstream workflows through the development of applications making use of Integrated Catastrophe Modeling System (ICMS). Consultants can assist in every stage of the integration process, including:

  • Writing system requirements
  • Designing the integrated system
  • Designing component software
  • Installation and testing

Customizing Output to Dynamic Financial Analysis (DFA) Tools

Integration Services can assist clients with customization of the output of the downstream use of EQECAT's model output within their Dynamic Financial Analysis tools. Output risk metrics can be provided in multiple ways:

  • Event Loss Tables (ELT)
  • Yearly Loss Tables (YLT)
  • Risk metrics (EAL, Loss Exceedance Curves, TVAR, PML values, etc.)

The data flow can be designed as part of an automated process or through the creation of customized tools accessing the required data and preparing it for client use on an as-needed basis.

Customized Exposure Representation

EQECAT's Consulting Services group can make it easier to import client exposure data within RQE through the transformation and import of exposure data from different data sources (warehouses, databases, flat files, etc.) into the EQECAT modeling platform. Consulting Services can also assist in automating the upstream data flow into RQE through the use of ICMS.

The description of underlying risks within different organizations can vary. The characterizations of individual risks are often expressed in specialized terminology that differs from organization to organization. EQECAT's Consulting Services team provides Customized Exposure Representation services to confirm that, through the use of customized import templates within RQE or in-stream transformations, the representation of a client's exposure within RQE is consistent with the client's internal view of the risk.

Customized Reports

EQECAT's modeling platforms provide the ability to generate various reports. For those clients who desire risk metrics displayed in reports not available in the platform, EQECAT can provide customized reports to address these needs, i.e. queries, customized engines, or external tools to create reports. These customized reports can provide additional insight into the contributors to a portfolio's risk, or they can describe in great detail the modeled performance of specific portions of an analyzed portfolio.

An example of a customized report is the contribution to PML by region (or other exposure/peril component). This report provides insight into which components or perils of a portfolio contribute most to the PML level of risk.

Graphical Representation of Exposure and Loss

EQECAT's Consulting Services team can assist clients in understanding risk through the application of Graphical Information Service (GIS) tools to represent exposure and loss. This service can provide graphical representations of risk to address particular client needs or through the development of tools and procedures that interact directly with EQECAT's modeling platforms.

Customized Workflow

EQECAT's Consulting Services group will provide custom workbooks and/or datasets to enable clients to use EQECAT's models to enhance their business process outside of the direct use of the RQE graphical interface. Such tools can include underwriting workbooks including the capability to interact directly with RQE through the ICMS API. This can include client underwriting guidelines that will assist the underwriter in making decisions in a streamlined and efficient fashion. Customized workflow solutions can include, for example, the creation of workbooks that interact with Google Maps to allow clients to obtain more precise information on the location if street level geocoding is not currently available in RQE for the chosen location.


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