US Southeast Hit by Severe Convective Storm


A severe convective storm brought tornadoes, hail storms, and extreme wind events to the US southeast beginning Saturday afternoon and extending into Monday, January 23, 2012. Twenty-one tornado events were reported on Sunday in the states of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama, and extreme wind events extended beyond these states into Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Georgia. Two tornadoes were reported on Monday, including reported injuries from a tornado near Greenville, AL. Many structures have been damaged, but insured losses should remain well below $100 million.

Spring and mid-summer is the period with the highest tornado activity, but the occurrence of tornadoes in winter is not unusual in the US southeast. A comparison of 2012 tornado activity to date shows the current activity higher than the historic 50th percentile but far below the historic maximum for this date.

US Inflation Adjusted Annual Tornado Trend and Percentile Ranks - January 23, 2012

U.S. Inflation Adjusted Annual Tornado Trend and Percentile Ranks
Source: National Hurricane Center (NHC)

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