M7.3 Off Sumatra Coast: Little to No Damage


A magnitude 7.3 earthquake occurred on January 11, 2012 (local time) off the coast of northern Sumatra. Today's quake is unlikely to have caused significant damage, primarily because it was centered 400 km offshore. Light shaking intensity was felt in the closest major city of Banda Aceh.

M7.3 Earthquake off Northern Sumatra - January 10, 2012

USGS Community Internet Intensity Map
Off The West Coast Of Northern Sumatra
Source: USGS

Today's earthquake is unlikely to have generated a tsunami due to its magnitude of less than M8.

The epicenter of today's quake (2.396N, 93.175E) is near the southern end of the rupture area of the 2004 "Boxing Day" M9.1 earthquake and tsunami. Consequently, today's earthquake could be considered part of the ongoing sequence of increased seismic activity in this region that has continued since 2004.

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