M6.3 Earthquake in Ica, Peru: Insured Losses Little to None


An M6.3 earthquake occurred on January 30, 2012 near Ica, Peru near the southern end of the rupture area of the 2007 M8.0 earthquake. No fatalities are currently reported, but moderate damage to vulnerable structures has been reported in a localized region.

The peak ground velocity in Ica from today's earthquake was four times less than that of the 2007 quake and half that from the M6.9 earthquake of October 2011. According to PAGER estimates, about 300,000 people perceived moderately strong shaking (Modified Mercalli Intensity VI).

Ica, Peru Shakemap - January 30, 2012

USGS ShakeMap: Near The Coast Of Central Peru
Source: USGS

EQECAT estimates little to no insured losses from this event.

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