EQECAT Estimates Losses for Wind Storm Xynthia


EQECAT has developed an event footprint for European wind storm Xynthia (26-28 February, 2010). EQECAT's wind storm footprint generation methodology is based on an interpolation of measured local gust wind speed maxima from around 700 meteorological stations in Europe. Local conditions, such as roughness and elevation, are taken into account using EQECAT's Eurowind™ 'Wind Modifier' to arrive at a final footprint.

Based on this analysis, wind losses for the affected countries are:

  • Mean damage: €1.3 billion (approximately $1.8 billion USD)
  • Mean insured gross loss: €994 million (approximately $1.4 billion USD)
  • Approximate loss breakdown per country: France (65%), Germany (25%), Benelux (10%)

Note: Losses do not include Portugal and Spain (countries not included in Eurowind model). Benelux includes Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

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