Catastrophe Risk Models & Perils

Catastrophe risk modeling provides essential data for global and regional insurers, reinsurers, brokers, financial markets and corporations to evaluate potential and the probability of risk and financial loss from natural hazards.

EQECAT's catastrophe risk models incorporate the latest scientific research, deep engineering knowledge, vast amounts of claims and exposure data, combined with advanced mathematics and statistics to produce a unique view of catastrophe risk. Innovative and highly integrated applications help clients perform a variety of crucial activities:

  • Understanding risk correlation at the site, as well as policy, account, and portfolio level;

  • Pricing and managing risk from the site, policy, account, and portfolio level;

  • Communicating risk to important stakeholders, including rating agencies, regulators, shareholders, and counterparties.

Catastrophe Model Perils

Find a list of EQECAT's suite of catastrophe models for risk assessment listed by peril and region:

Additional catastrophe risk model information and specifics to help companies assess risks and possible losses due to natural hazards will be online soon.

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Catastrophe Model Information

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