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EQECAT's staff possess the depth of experience and advanced knowledge you expect from a trusted advisor. Case in point:

  • 40 percent of our team hold one or more master’s degrees;
  • 20 percent hold a Ph.D.
  • On average, EQECAT client development and professional services groups have nearly 20 years of industry experience.

Key staff bios are listed alphabetically below. Click on an individual's name or photo to read their full bio, where full-size images are also available for download by media.

  • Peter Beresford

    Peter Beresford is Vice President of Product Management at EQECAT, Inc. Since joining the company in 1991, Mr. Beresford has worked on the development of several catastrophe modeling products, from the initial UKWind program through several earthquake and windstorm models until they were subsumed into the WORLDCATenterprise™ platform.

  • Maiclaire Bolton

    Maiclaire Bolton is Product Manager at EQECAT, Inc. Ms. Bolton joined EQECAT in March of 2013 and is responsible for the management of EQECAT’s global earthquake models.

  • Dr. Kenneth Campbell

    Dr. Kenneth Campbell is Vice President of EQECAT, Inc. Dr. Campbell is responsible for developing seismic hazard models and seismic input for EQECAT’s global risk-assessment software, portfolio loss studies, and securitization risk analyses for the insurance and financial industries. As a leading expert in strong ground motion estimation and seismic hazard assessment, he also provides in-house consulting to ABS Consulting Inc., ABS Group’s engineering risk division.

  • Gabriela Chávez-López

    Gabriela Chávez-López is Account Director for the Europe/Asia Region at EQECAT, Inc. Ms. Chávez-López's role is to understand clients' catastrophe risk requirements and assist them in utilizing EQECAT solutions within their workflow. She is also the Solvency II lead for EQECAT.

  • Franck Chopin

    Franck Chopin is a Software Engineer of Software Development at EQECAT, Inc. Mr. Chopin joined EQECAT Inc., in April 2008 after having worked previously as a Research Engineer at the French Polytechnique school in the “Dynamique Meteorology Laboratory” for 5 years. His research was centered on satellite rainfall estimation. Since joining EQECAT, Mr. Chopin has mainly worked on European surge models, cat bonds and market portfolios.

  • Aarti Dinesh

    Aarti Dinesh is Product Manager at EQECAT, Inc. Ms. Dinesh joined EQECAT in 2007 and is responsible for the management of EQECAT’s global tropical storm models, namely the North Atlantic Hurricane Model, Asia Typhoon Model and Cyclone models.

  • Steven Harris

    Mr. Steven Harris is Vice President of EQECAT, Inc. Mr. Harris is involved in providing support for client risk management needs.

  • Dr. Annes Haseemkunju

    Annes Haseemkunju is an Atmospheric Scientist in Model Development at EQECAT, Inc. Dr. Haseemkunju joined EQECAT in December of 2008 with more than ten years of industry experience in probabilistic and Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) modeling of tropical cyclone hazards for various basins.

  • Ivan Kuhnel

    Ivan Kuhnel is a Senior Scientist in the Model Development Group at EQECAT, Inc. Mr. Kuhnel has a decade of natural hazard loss modeling, with a primary focus on the development of hail, flood and wind storm models for various regions of the world.

  • Herve Moquet

    Hervé Moquet is a Global Systems Specialist for EQECAT, responsible for global deployments and technical support.

  • Dr. Richard Norreys

    Dr. Richard Norreys is Senior Hydrologist in the Europe Modeling Group at EQECAT, Inc. Dr. Norreys joined EQECAT in 2004 and has since worked on a number of modeling and consultancy projects. He leads the European Hydrological Modeling Team.

  • Paul Thenhaus

    Paul Thenhaus is a Senior Geologist in Model Development at EQECAT, Inc. Mr. Thenhaus has more than 34 years of professional experience involving geological research, seismotectonic modeling and seismic hazard evaluation.

  • Iain Willis

    Iain Willis is Product Manager at EQECAT. Mr. Willis joined EQECAT in 2013 and is responsible for European Windstorm and European flood peril models.



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