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EQECAT's management team brings decades of diverse experience and a history of success to catastrophe modeling software and risk consulting services for the insurance, reinsurance, and financial industries. Combining industry expertise with technical savvy, these executives guide EQECAT's talented employees to develop innovative catastrophe risk models and services based on the latest science and technology.

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  • Paul C. Little

    Paul C. Little was named President of EQECAT, Inc. in March 2013. Mr. Little joined EQECAT in November 2010 and prior to being named President he was Senior Vice President of Global Client Development, responsible for global sales, professional services, consulting, deployment, and product support.

  • Dr. Mahmoud Khater

    Dr. Mahmoud Khater is Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer at EQECAT, Inc. He joined EQECAT in 1990 and is responsible for technology and model developments worldwide.

  • Marian Szefler

    Marian Szefler is Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at EQECAT, Inc. Mr. Szefler joined EQECAT in March 2010 and is responsible for all operational aspects of product development, from product definition and software architecture through planning and delivery.

  • Rodney Griffin

    Rodney Griffin is Senior Vice President of Product Management at EQECAT, Inc. Rodney joined EQECAT in April of 2012 and is responsible for managing and overseeing the Product Management Group and its activities.

  • Ray Kincaid

    Ray Kincaid is Senior Vice President of Software Development at EQECAT, Inc. Mr. Kincaid has been with EQECAT since it was founded in 1994 and is responsible for all software development. He has led the development of the WORLDCATenterprise platform since its inception.

  • Thomas Larsen

    Tom Larsen is Senior Vice President of EQECAT, Inc. Mr. Larsen joined EQECAT in 1989 and is responsible for deeply understanding product requirements from the product management group and translating, guiding and directing EQECAT's methodology and architecture to ensure they are aligned with client needs.

  • David F. Smith

    David F. Smith is Senior Vice President of the Model Development Group at EQECAT, Inc. Mr. Smith joined EQECAT in September 1994 and has been a major contributor to the development of EQECAT’s catastrophe risk assessment software.

  • Michel Voronkoff

    Michel Voronkoff is Senior Vice President of Model Development at EQECAT, Inc. Mr. Voronkoff has held this position since February of 2001 and leads a team of senior scientists and engineers based in the UK and France.

  • Branimir Betov

    Branimir Betov is Vice President of Model Development at EQECAT, Inc. He joined EQECAT, in 1998 and is responsible for the software architecture, and design and implementation of the financial modeling and reporting components of software products.

  • Phil Burtis

    Phil Burtis is Vice President of Software Development Group at EQECAT, Inc. Mr. Burtis is responsible for the architecture, design and implementation of EQECAT software products. Mr. Burtis manages the development group in Irvine as well as the off-shore development group in Kolkata, India.

  • Neil Catford

    Neil Catford is the Practice Leader for the Europe, Middle East and Africa business practice of EQECAT, Inc. Mr. Catford joined EQECAT in 2002 as Director and Account Executive, leading the business development efforts for EQECAT in continental Europe.

  • Kent David

    Kent David is Vice President of Consulting Services at EQECAT. Mr. David has worked at EQECAT, Inc. and its prior operating companies since 1987 and has more than 20 years of experience in natural catastrophe analysis, natural hazard modeling and risk assessment for the insurance industry and for the nuclear power industry.

  • Dr. Surya Gunturi

    Surya Gunturi is Director of Consulting Services at EQECAT, Inc. Dr. Gunturi joined EQECAT in 2007 and is responsible for modeling and analyzing Cat Bonds and evaluating their risk metrics.

  • Dr. Omar Khemici

    Omar Khemici is Vice President of Model Development at EQECAT, Inc. Mr. Khemici has more than 30 years of professional experience in the areas of structural dynamics and catastrophe risk assessment.

  • Meyer Mandel

    Meyer Mandel is Vice President of Client Solutions at EQECAT, Inc. Mr. Mandel joined EQECAT in 2002 and is responsible for coordinating with the various divisions within EQECAT to identify optimal products and intelligent workflow and consulting solutions for clients.

  • Raheel Nazarali

    Raheel Nazarali is Software Quality Assurance Manager at EQECAT, Inc. He joined EQECAT in 1998 and is responsible for ensuring the overall quality and reliability of all software and data products delivered by EQECAT.

  • Tim Trainor

    Tim Trainor is Practice Leader for the Bermuda Region of EQECAT. Mr. Trainor joined EQECAT in 2009 and is responsible for managing client relationships and expanding EQECAT’s profile in that region.



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