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CoreLogic Catastrophe Modeling

With the abundance of natural disasters occurring worldwide, the need for catastrophe modeling has become a necessity when assessing natural hazard risk. CoreLogic catastrophic modeling provides businesses with essential data to better evaluate the probability of risk and financial loss from natural hazard events—across the globe.


Built on a strong foundation of industry leading data and technology, our renowned team of engineers, scientists, PhDs are driven to deliver solutions to inform and guide business decisions and transform data into actionable insights. Using our innovative and highly integrated applications, businesses are able to:

  • Understand and quantify risk exposures
  • Price and manage risk
  • Understand and communicate risk

As trusted advisors of catastrophe modeling, our comprehensive regional suite is compiled of 180 natural hazard software models for 96 countries, spans six continents, and provides a unique view of catastrophe risk to help better evaluate investment portfolios, analyze overall potential risk and align business with the evolving needs of the industry.